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Lalitgiri is the part of Orissa Buddhist Circuit – including Lalitgiri Ratnagiri Udayagiri Orissa – where the treasure of Buddhist culture rests in the ruins of several amazing Buddhist Monuments Lalitgiri. Lalitgiri Travel Guide is vivid, offering you a visit of Lalitgiri Buddhist Center which comprises of grand Buddhist Museum Lalitgiri. You can see the splendor of the Museum at Buddhist Site Lalitgiri Odisha.


Devotees of Buddhism and other seekers of peace visit the site in large number, each year. A host of Resorts in Lalitgiri is available to offer them the best accommodation. Among the best Lalitgiri hotels, you can name Toshali Lalitgiri. If you want to get marvelous accommodation in the peaceful place, your search ends with Toshali Lalitgiri Resort Odisha.


Buddhist Sites in Orissa provides you such a marvelous environs where can experience very different level of calm. Lalitgiri is listed among the best Buddhist Destinations Orissa. Moreover, you just get lost in the splendor of grand Buddhist monuments situated here.


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About Lalitgiri

about Us

Lalitgiri, having another name as Naltigiri, is the Buddhist complex made in 1st century in the state of Orissa. Lalitgiri & Ratnagiri Orissa together with Udayagiri constitute Puspagiri University that is an abode to numerous marvelous sculptures like major stupas and monasteries of that age. readmore

Lalitgiri Buddhist Center


Lalitgiri Buddhist Center is a famous tourist spot of Buddhist pilgrimage amidst the finest environs of Orissa Buddhist Circuit. Lalitgiri – a renowned spot of Buddhism in India – is visited by millions of devotees of the religion, every year. Buddhist Pilgrimages in Odisha readmore

In & Around


Lalitagiri Buddhist Site is situated 90 km far from the Orissa state capital Bhubaneswar. The trio of Udayagiri, Lalitgiri & Ratnagiri Orissa provides you a marvelous opportunity to feel the real charm of fabulous Orissa Buddhist Circuit. You are taken to the glorious era of Buddhism in Lalitgiri Orissa.readmore

Buddhist Complex


Buddhist Complex Lalitgiri is a significant tourist destination amidst the finest ambience of Orissa Buddhist Circuit, especially for those who belong to the same religion. Amazing Buddhist Monuments in Lalitgiri and Temples in Lalitgiri offer the best reflection the Buddhist culture during its golden age. readmore

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